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Coming up next is a choice of 4 categories, you can nominate one or all four positions so skip along and enter a name and your reason why you are nominating them.

Name your most Inspirational Lecturer

Has your Lecturer helped you achieve more than you realised? Have they made you want to progress and succeed in your studies, career or perhaps even your life? If the answer is yes and you think your Lecturer has been particularly inspirational to you, then nominate them for this award!
Why have you nominated this person for Most Inspirational Lecturer award?

Name your most Engaging Lecturer

University education is all about discovery, knowledge, learning through involvement and breaking the ‘norm’! If you feel that you’re Lecturer keeps you fully engaged and interested in the course material (no matter how boring it is!) then let us know!
Why have you nominated this individual for Most Engaging Lecturer award?

Name of the Personal Tutor you are nominating

Your Personal Tutor is there to help you through your studies at UCS. If you’ve needed the help of your tutor and found them to be helpful, approachable and willing to go the extra mile to help then consider them for this award.
Why have you nominated this person for Best Personal Tutor award?

Name of the person you are nominating for the Heart of the University Award

If you’ve received a helping hand from an unexpected place or received a great deal of help from someone other than your lecturer, then recognise the member of staff who gave it to you. Nominate them today, whether they are from the Infozone, Student Support, the Library, the Students’ Union, Learning Development, Academic Services, the Copy Shop, Estates, IT, Accommodation, Technicians… the list goes on
Why have you nominated this individual/team for the Heart of the University award?

Would you be interested in being on the shortlisting panel to help select the winner! *

If yes, you may be be invited via e-mail to the shortlisting process week commencing 1st May
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